Hypnotherapist in Dereham, Norfolk

My specialisms:

Anxiety: Stress, Fear and Panic Attacks.

Bereavement: Loss of a loved one or pet.

Confidence and Self-esteem Boosting.


Emotional Wellbeing.

Pain Relief.

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Trauma and Abuse: Mental, Emotional and Physical.



I’m Elle Sheffield and I’m an Hypnotherapy and NLP Master Practitioner

I have a passion for helping people to make positive changes to their lives and gain the mental wellbeing they need to live a happy and rewarding life.

Good mental health goes hand in hand with peace, stability and success.  Achieving good mental health is as important as physical health, it makes life more enjoyable and promotes better wellbeing.

In this current day and age we have so many external and internal stresses that have come from past or present events, choices, actions, pressures, or situations.

A combination of my therapies offers a gentle way to address all those self-sabotaging behaviours that affect your life.

Hypnotherapy allows you to be very relaxed whilst being completely aware of what is going on and completely in control of the session. During this relaxed state, with the help of your practitioner you can access some deep subconscious resources that will help you solve your issues where your will power alone hasn’t been sufficient.

Hypnotherapy and Kinetic Shift has been proven the most  effective methods to stop smoking, but are also extremely helpful with weight loss, eating or sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, phobia, health issues, low confidence, or any type of trauma.

My role as a Master Practitioner is to help you develop your own understanding of your situation(s), helping you to explore aspects of your life, to empower you and to give or bring back that wellbeing feeling. To make positive changes that will  improve your life, thoughts and feelings.

The methods I will use either on their own or combined together, can create powerful results in combating any or all your worries or obstacles.  Your treatment sessions will always be personalised for you. Targeting your specific requirements and needs.

“Our body is always wanting to evolve and to be free, free from itself. This comes by letting go of anything that is not free. It will always show you what is right and what is wrong with it because it wants to feel the freedom.  Our body wants to exhibit that power, it wants resolution. Anything not resolved in your subconscious won’t like it and it wants to tell you where  it is so it can be free from pain, to be  powerful and true. It is our body’s prime directive”